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JLW Keyboards

Vault 35 Pip Boys PCBs

Vault 35 Pip Boys PCBs

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These will be in stock after GB fulfillment is completed.

These are PCBs to fit the Vault 35 cases made by Mechvault. 

Each of these are based on STM32F072 MCUs, which gives ample space for all the RGB animations, Vial, combos, tap dances, and other QMK features you could want! They will come pre-flashed with vial firmware. Source code found in main Vial-QMK repo (here).

These PCBs have no mounting holes, so you will need a plate (either of your own design or purchased here link).

*Note in the product images the WKL Universal PCB is a prototype. The production run PCB will be black.

Get plates here: link


Group Buy (Preorder) dates: March 15-31, 2024.

Estimated lead time: 4 weeks


WKL Universal KLE

WKL Ortho (hotswap) KLE

HHKB Universal (by calvin) KLE

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