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Vault 35 Pip Boys Plates

Vault 35 Pip Boys Plates

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These are thick plates to accompany PCBs for the Vault 35 cases made by Mechvault. The PCBs are listed here: link

Each plate will feature a universal bottom row, supporting all of the options in the KLE. Please pay attention to the Ortho Hotswap plate bottom row options, as not all of the universal layout bottom rows are supported. 

If you would like a katana or treadstone plate that supports 1u alphas and has a blank plate surface for the gaps, please leave an order comment. Otherwise the plates will be produced to support the layout options in the KLE.

FDM PLA is the standard 3D printing technology available to personal use machines. These will be printed by Plant on a Bambu Labs printer. SLS nylon produces a high resolution print with a smooth but mildly textured finish and virtually no visible layer lines. The plates come out quite supple but with good flex.


Group Buy (Preorder) dates: March 15-31, 2024.

Estimated lead time: 4 weeks

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