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Le Chiffre STM32 PCB (OG layout)

Le Chiffre STM32 PCB (OG layout)

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This is a Le Chiffre PCB that supports the OG Le Chiffre layout (34 keys with 2u/1.25u thumbs, with the option for a center encoder or switch). It uses an STM32F072 MCU and comes pre-loaded with Vial firmware.

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OG Le Chiffre layout (black)

STM32 MX/Alps PCB (36 key PCB, error batch):
  • This is a 36 key layout PCB that matches the 3 thumb layout for Le Capybara (the thumb keys are 1-1-1.25 on the left hand and 1.25-1-1 on the right hand).
  • However, this batch was produced using the wrong gerber version with an error in the switch matrix, and thus cannot be used as a 36 key variant with an encoder (specifically, the middle thumb on the right hand shares a matrix position with the encoder. You are able to use this with more than the OG 34 key layout, as long as you do not put a switch/encoder in the middle spot AND a switch in the right middle thumb position at the same time.) 
  • The hotswap sockets have been pre-soldered in the OG 34 key layout (as this will work with the center encoder or switch.)
  • This 100% works as a standard 34 key PCB.


Both PCBs:

  • Color matched hotswap sockets for MX. Solder only support for Alps.
    • Center switch/encoder position is solder only
    • NB: the encoder position does not have the mounting tab cutouts, so you will have to either cut off or bend your EC11 encoder mounting tabs.
  • RGB backlight LEDs
  • 2 RGB indicators on the front (default firmware set to indicate layers on one, and mods on the other)
  • Fits a standard or universal Le Chiffre plate
  • Fits all Le Chiffre cases

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