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Katana stagger Vault 35 HHKB PCB and plates

Katana stagger Vault 35 HHKB PCB and plates

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This is a katana stagger drop-in replacement PCB for the Vault 35 HHKB case by Mechvault. (As there are two versions of Vault 35 now, please note that this PCB will not fit the WKL Vault 35 cases). This is an STM32 based PCB, which means you will have enough room for Vial and all the layers, combos, tap dances, and RGB matrix effects your heart could desire (within reason). The PCBs come pre-flashed with Vial firmware. The source code can be found in the vial-qmk Github repo (click here).

Since Vault 35 is a bottom mount case, the PCBs and plates were designed with this in mind. There are no mounting holes on the PCB itself, so you must have a plate for a full build. You can either get one cut from your own source, or buy one here.

The B stock PCBs are from the prototype run and each have one broken LED. They are SK6812minis. I can tell you which LED is broken when you purchase the PCB, in case you would like to source and replace the LED on your own.

Plates: available in 3 materials

Both plate layouts support all bottom row options. The 1u plate has blockers in the top corners so the PCB won't be visible if you use all 1u alphas. The universal plate supports all alpha sizes (including ISO).

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